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The Roadspike

security Products distributed by  Barenco

Eliminate High speed Pursuits

The Roadspike is a retractable spike tyre deflating device designed to quickly and safely end high speed pursuits.


A portable retractable spike tyre deflating system that is easily deployed by an officer rolling the unit onto a road surface. It can lie in traffic with its spikes retracted without obstructing the normal flow of traffic.

When the target vehicle approaches, the operator raises the tyre deflating spikes from a concealed remote location and safely terminates the pursuit. Only the target vehicle’s tyres are deflated at a controlled rate and the remaining spikes are immediately retracted to prevent unintentional spiking of other vehicle tyres.

Roadspike with spikes retracted
  • Remotely Activated
  • Retractable Spikes
  • Neatly coiled strip allows unit to "roll out" to road
  • Traffic continues unimpeded
  • No harm to officer deploying or removing unit
  • Allows target vehicle selectivity
Roadspike ready to deflate tyres
  For more information visit the Roadspike website  
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