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Barenco Manufactured Products

Distributed by Barenco
Quick Release Security Door
Designed and developed for Corrections Institutions, Government Buildings, Foreign Embassies etc. This door cannot be barricaded.

  Vandal-Proof Sprinkler Head & System
This is a unique, patented sprinkler system custom built to the client's requirements. The head is multidirectional and can vary the intensity of its spray towards areas of greatest vulnerability.

Barenco Non-vision security grilles
are designed specifically for correctional, law enforcement and security establishments


Barenco EU Distributorships

Distributed by Barenco
  Barenco are EU distributors for a number of security products:  
  Hand held Pupillometer Unit
MCJ EYECHECK™ pupillometer is a lightweight, hand-held instrument that measures ABSOLUTE pupil dynamics to presumptively detect drugs and intoxicating compounds….. With immediate results.
Eyecheck Pupilometer detects drug and alcohol abuse

T Pass 3 Evacuate Personal security Alarm for Firefighters
Advanced 2-way signaling Pass Device In the sudden event of a flashover, a collapse situation, or other imminent danger, Grace Industries' GEM System™ will immediately identify, by name, any firefighter(s) whose TPASS 3 EVACUATE is in ALARM!!

  Silent Vibrating Metal/Weapons Detector Designed for Law Enforcement The METAL-TEC was designed to be used as an enhancement of the hand during searches; it can assist in locating metal objects which may have been otherwise overlooked.
Metal-Tec hand-held Metal and Weapons Detector

Roadspike Tire Deflating System Vehicle Immobiliser
Portable retractable spike tyre deflating system deployed onto road surface Roadspike can lie in traffic with its spikes retracted without obstructing the normal flow of traffic.

Tiger Light
Bright Flashlight with Pepper Spray The Tiger Light is a powerful officer tool. It is battery operated and has a rechargeable facility from officer vehicle. Suitable for officer protection in threatening circumstances. It includes Pepper Spray to deter would-be attackers.

We also Supply the following Products

:: Tpass HPII (Automatic Accountability System Utilizing Spread Spectrum Radio Telemetry)
:: Lite Tracker (A bright flashing visual indicator that allows instant recognition of personnel)
:: MK Ballistic Systems (Less Lethal Ammunition)
:: Roadblade (Tire Shredder, Portable or Permanent applications for military installation)
:: Camlite (Mobile Wireless Video System housed in a handheld maglite)

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