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Barenco Smart Door

The Quick Release Security Door

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Designed and developed for Corrections Institutions, Government Buildings, Foreign Embassies etc.

Unique Features of the Quick Release Security doors are:

  • Faster opening - 15 seconds
  • Greater officer safety
  • Greater inmate safety
  • Barricade-proof
  • Eliminates no-go areas
  • Lower construction costs
  • No force required
  • No loss of hardware
  • Returns to full service in 10-15 minutes

This unique, patented safety system incorporates the ASTM certified door of the client's choice in a frame that allows a trained officer access within fifteen seconds.

The unit incorporates approved security locks and hinges as favored by the client and architect. The door is of hollow metal construction, but a hardwood door can be used for use in a government or corporate environment. The unit can incorporate electronic locks.

No More Riots, No More Hostages

The Quick Release Security Door cannot be barricaded. In the event of materials or other obstructions being placed against the door it can still be accessed in seconds. This is also applicable if the the lock is jammed or immobilized. This property makes it ideal for use in jails, corrections, law enforcement, psychiatric hospitals, government buildings, embassies and office complexes. Executives and government personnel cannot be entombed or held hostage behind the door.

Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) can access an area faster, safer and without force. Oxyacetylene or power tools are not required. No-go areas are consigned to history with the use of the "Smart Door".

  Quality Construction Greater Officer safety

This unique innovation is constructed, where applicable, to the ANSI NAAMM specifications.

The door is of hollow metal construction with approved thermal and acoustic insulation. The hardware is of high tensile steels.

If an inmate immobilises a cell door lock, or if the door is barricaded, it usually takes valuable time for the authorities to gain access. When prison officers or other government personnel (or inmates) are in life-threatening situations, time is of the essence.

The Barenco Quick Release SAFETY-SECURITY Door can be activated in just 15 seconds.


Comments of Law Enforcement and Prison Officers...


The following comments are those of senior personnel in Dublin, Ireland, a High Security Prison of some 700 inmates.

"Why has it taken 150 years to achieve this? It is so simple and so brilliantly effective." Prison Governor

"Do you realise what you have achieved? You have designed a door that will save lives and $millions. No more riots, no more hostages, no more trouble; greater officer safety"
Deputy Governor - Security

"You have designed the perfect cell door. No more No-Go Areas, no more prisoner control. If we had this door, we would not have had the recent riots and hostages crisis"
Chief Prison Officer - Security

"This design has eliminated our greatest fear - that of being taken hostage. This innovation improves our safety considerably."
Prison Officer Association Security Committe Member


Patent Protection

The barenco "Quick Release SAFETY-SECURITY Door" has full Patent protection under Irish Patent S800740, International PCT protection World-Wide. Other International Patents Pending.

Manufactured in Ireland by Barenco in association with LVP Metec Ltd. Available for worldwide manufacture under license.

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