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Vandal Proof Sprinkler Head & System

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  This is a unique, patented sprinkler system custom built to the client's requirements. The head is multidirectional and can vary the intensity of its spray towards areas of greatest vulnerability.
  • The Sprinkler Head can be a stand alone unit with independent means of smoke/ fire indentification.
  • It can also be part of an integrated system which incorporates an Air/Smoke Aspiration System.

This system is protected subject to Patent Application.



  • It is used in a "dry" system, activated by a solenoid connected to smoke or heat sensors
  • It can be dry tested while the room is occupied
  • The system is vandal-proof and resistant to interference by inmates and the public, making it suitable for correctional institutions, public buildings and office complexes
  • In the corrections environment chemical agent dispensers can be incorporated to stop disturbances and restore control to officers
  • Heads can be activated independently to decontaminate a derelict prison cell, or one soiled by an inmate
  • The heads can be ceiling or wall mounted
  • The system is completely adjustable, but is usually factory preset
  • The units are maintenance free, with full installation, calibration assembly/ disassembly instructions provided.
  • The system can be used externally to disrupt vagrant occupation
  The Stand Alone System: The Integrated System:

The unit, whether stand alone or integrated, consists of a Brass Body with water outlets. The outlet holes are protected from the attachment of ligatures, however remote this may be. This also applies to the outlet holes in the "plunger".

The water pressure forces the plunger down upon the spring and thereby exposes the outlets and releases the water. When the system is deactivated the orifices are once more protected.

The holes on the top of the body consist, in this instance of 3 rows. Row 1 is set at an angle to ensure the ceiling is protected, Row 2 is set horizontal to protect the walls from the top downwards and Row 3 is set at an angle to ensure that the lower part of the wall is quickly protected.

The water outlets on the plunger are, in the deactivated state, protected from exposure. The water pressure moves the plunger into the activated position, thereby exposing the water orifices. There are, in this instance two, three rows of outlet orrifices. These are configured to direct the water to desired locations. It can be configured to issue a disproportionate amout of water to the most vulnerable location on site.

This integrated system incorporates proven air/ smoke aspiration systems. Barenco work closely with approved manufacturers.

The system is activated in the same way as the stand alone unit except that: - Air/Smoke is drawn into the analyser through the central tube. The advantage of this integrated system is in low cost of construction/site preparation and installation. This system is currently being developed into the Demonstration Unit. This consists of:

  1. Mock Cell. (Manufactured from Acrylic/Polycarbonate sheeting)
  2. Water Supply
  3. Wall Mounted Configuration
  4. Ceiling Mounted Configuration
  5. Aspiration System.

This unit will be the basis for Barenco configuration/calibration/test platform. The plastic walls and ceilings will allow Barenco establish the suitability of the system to comply with customers specifications.

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