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A 2-Way Signaling PASS Alarm Safety System for Fire/Rescue Services

In the sudden event of a flashover, a collapse situation, or other imminent danger, Grace Industries' GEM System™, featuring the T PASS 3 EVACUATE™ will immediately identify, by name, any firefighter(s) whose T PASS 3 EVACUATE™ is in ALARM!!

It can also transmit an EVACUATION signal to firefighters in the building! Evacuate individual firefighters, groups of firefighters, or send an ALL EVAC to every operational firefighter on the scene with no worries about excessive voice radio traffic!


Firefighters everywhere want the security of knowing that help will be there if they need it. Using Grace's proprietary 'smart signal' radio telemetry, the T PASS 3 Evacuate™ transmitter will immediately send the distress signal back to the command post indicating that an alarm condition exists. GEM System's™ LCD Command Receiver employs visual and audible warnings that a firefighter's T PASS 3™ alarm has been activated.

During alarm conditions the name(s) of the firefighter(s) in distress are prominently displayed on the LCD Display Screen. The distress signal can be manually activated using the T PASS unit's alarm button, or automatically activated if the firefighter is injured or ceases movement.

Additionally, command officers, at the push of a button, know immediately the names of all personnel who are on the scene and if their T PASS 3 Evacuate™ device is activated.

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